Zoom Aphrodisia Slender Pleasure Vibe
Zoom Aphrodisia Slender Pleasure Vibe
Zoom Aphrodisia Slender Pleasure Vibe

Aphrodisia Slender Pleasure Vibe


If you are looking for an amazed erotic sensation in your erogenous zones without the involvement of your lover, Slender Pleasure Vibe is the right option for you. It is a perfect sex toy for women. It has an ultimate rounded tip like the real shaft, which is capable to provide you the sensational stimulation in your pussy along with erogenous zones. It is available in pink color, made of soft plastic. The other exciting feature of this toy is that it supports up to 7 different vibrating speeds. Thus, any women can use it by setting a particular speed as per their sexual needs. åÊåÊ


Slender Pleasure Vibe is a superb sex toy as far as erotic feelings for women are concerned. It is made of skin-friendly very soft materials which give the tickling sensation in erogenous zones of women. It has a rounded tip which is the perfect shape like the real shaft. Thus, you will feel its touches like the real shaft. It supports up to 7 mode vibration speed. Thus, you have choice to set a particular vibration speed that would be well-suited for you as per your custom requirements.


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