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Adore Massager


When designing adult toys not many people think of the ergonomics of that toy, how iot flows against the body, how it flows with the body in the sense of providing the most sensual intimate pleasures that it can. This is a toy that challenges that idea and can provide sensual intimacy.

The concept inspired by Venus, the goddess of love. Made in vibrant colors such as pink,purple, and metallic red, selected to create a stylish, yet warm soft tone to this mastercrafted ergo designed rechargeable massager. The M1 Ador̩ is finished with a layer of silky velvet matt coating that is warm to the touch and to the user?s intimate parts forultimate comfort and feel.

Key Design Principles

The design of M1 Ador̩ is to portray a women?s body contour, the interface dial isergonomically designed to fit in the palms of your hand and the LED interface is designto aid users in the dark. The ABS material gives a warm smooth texture to the users.


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