No Shame

We see it all the time. Sex is everywhere. There is a plethora of intriguing aspects to the subject, and if you ask me, one just as alluring as the next. So why are we still so reserved with open conversation about the perplexing topic of sexuality and sex?


A few nights back I indulged in some dark chocolate and a glass of  my favorite red while I watched Christian Grey fiercely command every fiber of Anastasia's sexual desire. Ordinarily, I would fall into a euphoric state of rapture whilst enjoying a good sex scene: But on this particular occasion, I couldn't help but wonder why it was such a scandalous secret: And why is it so hard for people to talk about?


Throughout the story, the dominant and submissive's sexual behavior is a secret between the lovers. Is this enigmatic agreement of secrecy really necessary? Here we have a couple of consenting adults engaging in an enthralling act of fantasy fulfillment which we know exists widely amongst the many, but why must we still feel ashamed? Certainly the secret would contribute to feeding the dominant's ego, but the need for subtlety is indisputably at hand when approaching the topic more freely.


In time, the natural progression of society will revolutionize the way we perceive and talk about sex. So for the now, let's start with the fundamental task of learning the art of positive sexual discussions within our relationship. Eliminate any fear or shame you may associate with your fantasies. Desires and inclinations are your natural animalistic hunger for lust and sexual fulfillment. Be loud, and be proud of your deviant thoughts- they are expressive of your thirst for sexual satisfaction; and if fulfilled, your mind will reward you with clarity and spiritual gratification.


Having regard to the above, tell me, why should you be ashamed of your eroticism?  You must be able to disclose your requirements of sexual need. If you do not, and they are not met, how will you ever truly feel satisfied?


Rapturously always yours,