Buy Her Lingerie

Buy    her    lingerie.    This could be the most simplest of blogs posts: I feel i could end it with the first 3 words and it would be completely self explanatory; however, for the sake of the few, i shouldn't assume you're to understand why such a simple gesture would be sexually meaningful for your partner.

Before I elaborate, please note that there are times when receiving an erotic outfit may be unwelcome. Having said that, if you take into consideration the content of this advice, you're sure to have her melting like an ice cube in the Savannah.

Timing is imperative to the sultry gift being well received. Let's say you had a blow out argument 2 nights ago and she hasn't spoken to you since. Perhaps on this occasion, a card with minimal heartfelt words and an edible bouquet would be more warmly welcomed. Lingerie in such instances would suggest 'make up sex' as a resolution and she may not feel like you're interested in hearing about why she was upset in the first place. Remember, women are emotional, and so you should always carry in your mind that communication is what she is craving for the majority. So try and keep the gift of silk, satin, lace and leather for the improvement of your relationship, rather than the repair. *side note* it's probably a good idea to give the gift at home.

If there is one thing i have learnt, it's that women L.O.V.E receiving gifts- or better yet, receiving a gift with a big pretty bow. There is no other feeling like ripping open a present or untying a bow; feeling the satin slip out of its knot between our fingers as we tug on the ends, watching as it gently loses tension and falls... eagerly yet with cautioned care opening the lid in anticipation of discovering what's inside.

Need i point out the importance of a card or simple note? Significant is the gift, but so are your words: So choose them wisely. Something along the lines of 'Because motherhood is still womanhood' for a woman who has recently had a baby... or 'Put these on tonight' for the more dominant submissive relationship. If you suffer from an inability to piece together the perfect words, reach out to me.

So, before you start eagerly clicking through my collection of lingerie, let's go through some basics.

Make sure you understand what she would feel comfortable wearing for you. A  great place to start will be by her current selection, if she has one. Make sure when shopping for her, that your remember you are, in fact, shopping for her. Another hint would be to keep her sexual desires and behaviors in mind. As an example, I love to talk dirty and ride on top, and so, a latex crotchless body suit would fit my sexual alter ego just fine! But if you are in a sexual relationship with a more tranquil lover, perhaps a soft colored baby doll would be better received.

The next thing you will need to know is her bra size. You can't buy someone shoes without knowing how big their foot is- but let's say you don't have access to the size of the foot, socks would be a good alternative right? In our case, if you can't get to her intimates drawer to discover what size she wears, maybe opt for a sexy slip or gown as it will be easier to establish her measurements.

Not convinced? Here's why she will love it. For one, she would unlikely expect it. Spontaneity is a huge turn on for all likes of sexual relationships. Also, having communicated her sexual effect on you with a gift, there will be an acknowledgement of how she turns you on. This ultimately boosts her ego and makes her feel like an erotic Goddess. Lingerie will make her feel desired in a non-common, non-verbalized way. You will be sending a positive message of how you view her sexually while at the same time dominating the relationship subtly by being suggestive.

It's a win-win if you ask me. She gets a gift she can unwrap, and you get a confident woman who feels appreciated in a ravishingly exotic outfit. You can browse my selection of luxury lingerie here.