Break The Stigma

Since the early 60’s the women’s liberation movement has been defending the rights of females across the globe to emancipate all and any discriminatory expectations bestowed upon them. Personally, I believe that us chicks are different biologically for certain reasons. But without getting too politically specific, there is one particular item on the women’s lib schedule we still haven’t abolished.

Why does a woman not have the right to lead an indiscriminate life of promiscuity? When will the word ‘slut’ rescind into the shadows of lost vocabulary.

Here’s what we know about sex: It’s fun, It brings pleasure, frequent sex has copious health benefits etcetera etcetera. When practiced safely, sex can facilitate a healthier mind body and spirit: so why are women still exempt from sexual freedom?

Recently, I caught up with a girlfriend of mine for a light brunch. For the purpose of anonymity, let’s call her Zara. Zara reveals to me she had encountered a problem on date number 4 with the new guy she had started seeing. After a lovely dinner and a few drinks, Mr. X asks how many sexual partners she had had. Zara, who was apprehensive in taking part in the discussion, bashfully requested they continue to see each other for a while longer before rummaging through her sexual memoirs.

While I sat there, intensely listening to my friend of over 20 years fret over how to avoid this conversation in future, I found myself growing increasingly miffed. I’ll tell you why: I have two main issues with this situation:

Why does Mr. X have any interest in what this woman has done sexually, or how many people she has done it with, prior to him? And how does he have the nerve to believe it is any of his business? It doesn’t make her any less of a vibrant woman nor does it make her less loyal or respectable: What it does make her is a lover who is aware of her body, her needs and her sexual desires. Maybe that was the catalyst. Was Mr. X intimidated by sexually confidence partners?

And secondly:

For what reason did Zara hesitate, avoid and deflect the conversation? Why is shame associated with the amount of sexual partners she has accumulated. I have slept with a marvelous 27 men in my young life and each different from the one before. They all devoured my honey pot with exclusive form.
Put it this way, if you are given the opportunity to travel the world free of charge for 10 years. Do you go to Monaco and stay there for the entire 10 year period? Or do you go from country to country, tasting the cuisine, accustoming yourself with the locals, exploring the sites and cultures? After a few years, you may fall in love with the vivid colors of Santorini and decide to stay a while longer. Or perhaps you may wish to see as much of the world as is possible in order to make the most of the opportunity.
Sex is exactly the same.

So ladies, be proud of your experiences. Your life is a collection of decisions which lead you to moments that which in turn shape who you are, and who you will become.

And to all the men out there, don’t be so judgy. If you aren’t happy with how many men she’s fucked, the problem wont be resolved if you ditch her. The problem is between you, your ego and your insecurities.